Why are we making Licorice?

Licorice is all about making IT service providers heroes to their clients, but our product is NOT ‘yet another PSA’, or YAP™.

Why would we build YAP software when there are already so many ITSM/PSAs to choose from, supporting all areas of business, from service delivery to accounts receivable?

Instead, Licorice has chosen to focus on one single pain point in the IT services continuum: customer service.

This is where your IT services team spends 80% of their time, and our experiments with pilot MSPs show that front-end customer service is where MSPs, CSPs, IT departments, and IT providers feel the most pain. It’s also the highest-cost and most complex part of the business. Without careful and continuous oversight, it’s the area where the wheels can fall off in the client relationship.

In the meantime, other service industries (doctors, contractors, dentists, etc.) have moved en masse to online appointments. Need a plumber? You can book one at your leisure online for a specific time. And while there are still some recalcitrant repair people, cleaners, and restaurants that you can’t book online, simply adding an online booking facility can significantly increase revenue. A study by Stax, Inc. found not only that 83% of consumers are already using online booking, but that they would actively switch providers just to obtain it.

In the IT industry, early adopters are trying to use Calendly for client appointments but there’s zero integration with their PSA software.

It’s not just about client-generated appointments. What if your engineers could know the layout of their day before they even arrived at work? What if they could go home with a sense of satisfaction knowing what they’ve accomplished? What if they could eliminate the never-ending list of tickets, a major source of engineer burnout? What if their service interface included automated time-tracking?

Licorice provides all of this alongside your desired level of transparency for every engineer and your clients. When people know when everything is going to happen, trust increases. This differentiates your company from the general market where clients wait hopefully to hear from an engineer about their non-critical tickets.

We are continually working with our Beta Partners to hone our platform and develop new methods for:

  • Effortless, accurate time accounting
  • A 10-times faster workflow than using tickets, with less stress
  • Employee happiness
  • Accurate time sheets (can you imagine not having to reconcile weekly time sheets?)
  • Seamless communication with your clients (hint: it’s not Yet Another Client Portal™).

Full two-way integration with existing ITSM/PSA packages frees you to focus on what really counts, and do a lot more. Now you can radically modernize your existing systems, without the massive and unnecessary expense of switching PSAs. With Licorice you are up and running in less than 5 minutes, and can roll out gently to engineers and clients when you’re ready.

Our goal is for the IT support industry to excel, placing IT above all other industries. We are technology. It is literally the Information Age. Our industry should be leading the way for customer support. And now we can. Want to help us create the service software of the future? Join the Beta Program today. Let’s go!