Licorice v2.3 Release Notes

Licorice Standalone

Licorice now works Standalone (without a PSA). This enables MSPs and ITSPs who are just starting, or do not have a PSA, to use Licorice.

Remember also that Licorice is completely free for up to 3 users — so if you don’t have a service tool, now you can have the best one in a matter of minutes!

Clients, Users, and Sites

For both Standalone and integrated modes, Licorice now has its own:

  • Clients List
  • User Lists
  • Sites Lists

Clients, Users, and Sites will also sync with ConnectWise if you have an integration.

Time Entry

We added descriptive words to the Job Card Timer > Billing Type menu:

Integration and sync performance

The initial integration performance was significantly improved by increasing parallelism. Integrations that previously took 20 minutes should now take only a few minutes. (Note the main concern here is concern to not overload ConnectWise’s API or network.)

Historical sync performance was also significantly improved. Previously a background sync of 1 million tickets would take around 7 days. This now takes only a few hours.

Now that the new search panel has been working well, we have been able to make it a lot cleaner and clearer.

There are a lot of improvements, these are:

  1. Open Jobs are now double-height and white
  2. Normal priority Jobs are now cyan (they were previously white)
  3. The Job title and Owner Engineer are now also colored the priority color
  4. We added the ability to search by Team name
  5. Resolved Jobs are now grey and half-height
  6. The most used icons (“Me”, “Reopened”, and “Not Scheduled”) are now toggleable buttons and no longer create search chips, saving you from clutter
  7. The Search panel Tabs are now color-coded for clarity: Purple for tabs you create, and yellow for tabs Licorice has opened to provide context
  8. The pop-up menu for searching Job Statuses is now consistent with the rest of the Licorice look and feel

The Search panel auto-filtering method was clarified and refined, so that:

  1. When adding search terms from different domains, the auto-filter will AND the search terms. E.g. searching for an Engineer + Client, Licorice will automatically filter on Engineer AND Client
  2. When adding search terms for the same domain, auto-filter will OR the search terms. E.g. searching for Client + Engineer + Engineer, Licorice will search for Client AND ( Engineer1 OR Engineer2 )

This should provide super fast search that does what you’re expecting, without having to think about filters.

There are a few cases where we know you might want to search for (e.g.) Jobs with both these two Engineers assigned (i.e. Engineer1 AND Engineer2), and we have some good ideas for how to do this extremely quickly, however we’d like to get feedback on the new changes before zooming ahead too quickly.

Resolved and Reopened Comments

When an Engineer marks a Job as “Resolved” or “Reopened”, a comment to this effect is automatically added to the Chat.

Sync Journal

Licorice now has a sync Journal to look for potential sync errors. Note this is intended mainly as a diagnostic tool in case we need it, you don’t need to read it.

Bug Fixes

As always, we continued to focus on many quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes:

  • Resolved refreshing Settings > Integrations details, the details were not actually refreshed
  • Resolved a sync issue where if Licorice encountered a SQL-invalid character in a ConnectWise record, sync would fail
  • In addition, when Licorice encounters an error during sync, it will now stop batching sync items and step through records, so the problem record(s) can be located
  • Resolved an issue where the 2-factor QR code was not displaying correctly due to cessation of Google’s QR API
  • Resolved an issue where the Search panel incorrectly listed Resolved Jobs
  • Resolved an issue where the Job Card Timer could show the wrong value momentarily when overriding the auto-timer
  • Marking an appointment as “Done” in Licorice now marks it as done in ConnectWise. Note: ConnectWise strips Member records from an appointment when it’s marked “done”. Licorice retains this information, so the sync to ConnectWise is “lossy” due to the limitation in ConnectWise
  • Resolved an issue where Service Boards that were closed/inactive in ConnectWise would be accessible in the Integration Screen and when searching for tickets
  • Resolved an issue where Client Chat emails might not be sent
  • Resolved an issue where a new Member in ConnectWise was not synced to Licorice Engineers
  • Resolved an issue where saving your Profile page did not save correctly
  • Resolved an issue where the Client Scheduling email would not be sent
  • Resolved an issue where Appointments were sometimes not synced to ConnectWise
  • Fixed a broken URL to the ConnectWise API setup documentation