Licorice v2.2 Release Notes

2 Years of Ticket History

Previously Licorice only sync’d the tickets you dragged into it.

We’ve had numerous requests from partners for historical tickets to be easy to access in Licorice, so we’re pleased to report we implemented full sync of 2 years of ticket history. This ensures Licorice’s UI is always fast.

Licorice keeps all ticket information perfectly in sync <> ConnectWise in the background, and detects and recovers from sync failures and inconsistencies (e.g. if ConnectWise is unavailable for a time).

To accompany the full ticket/Job history being available we have now also implemented a new Fluid Search panel.

Our focus designing Fluid Search was to find what you need with as little fuss as possible. We wanted the power of sophisticated searches, but without having to think about it (with Licorice doing the thinking for us).

Do to this, you can find-as-you type anything you like, including:

  • Companies
  • Users
  • Engineers
  • ConnectWise ticket numbers
  • Job titles
  • Or freeform text

And hit enter to add that search term. Licorice will work out if you’re trying to search with AND or OR all by itself. In our testing versus search in other software Licorice requires around 25% of the effort and clicks to find what you need.


To accompany Fluid Search, Licorice will now auto-search and show you related tickets based on your actions. If you like, you can quickly add search terms to the Auto-context to find something β€” most of the work is already done for you.

In addition, Auto-context doesn’t interrupt any your existing searches: They’re opened in a new tab. If you ignore an Auto-context and keep working, Licorice closes the Auto-context automatically.

Licorice Standalone Progress

We worked on final preparation steps for Licorice to operate standalone (without a PSA). Licorice standalone will enable small and startup MSPs to use Licorice to take control of service delivery (and integrate a PSA later if you want).

Security Improvements

We increased security and consistency of DNS servers via several mechanisms. We do not publish detailed information about security changes, however we are always working on it.

Observability Improvements

We further improved alerting, observability, and rapid recoverability of environment, as a continuation of the work from Licorice v2.1.

Upgrade Automation Improvements

We automated database schema migrations during upgrades to minimize disruptions during version updates.

Bug Fixes

We continued to focus on many quality-of-life improvements and bug fixes:

  • Changing the Job Card owner to a different Engineer is now working correctly
  • Fixed a disabled Engineer potentially still having access to Licorice Settings under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a non-Admin user being able to edit other Engineer data under specific circumstances
  • Fixed a bug where Statuses might not be correctly updated in the PSA
  • Removed unscheduled ticket count from the top right, as it’s deprecated with the new Search module
  • Enabled a logged-in session to be reset or recovered if the session data becomes corrupt due to network instability
  • Fixed a bug where a User could incorrectly appear red indicating an invalid email address (when they did have an email address)

As always if you experience any issues please tag @Support or let me know.