Licorice Features

For Managers and Owners

Licorice is based on the most advanced and up-to-date service delivery methods, is easy and fun to use — enabling you to stay focused on technical excellence.

Save 30 Days/year Per Tech

There is no more efficient way to work. Every aspect of Licorice has been carefully thought out — one click in Licorice equals several in a PSA.

Seriously Competitive

When you use Licorice it encourages all best-practices, without effort or intensive training. You will outperform competitors, with less stress.

Up to 112% Recorded time

Record 105–112% of billable, project, and managed time without reminding people. Justify your monthly bill for all-you-can-eat clients.

Retain talent

Techs know what they have on tomorrow and what they accomplished today, which leads to lower stress, happier employees, and more bandwidth for your clients.

Auto-SLA Management

SLA timers stop and start accurately, automatically. However you’ll find with Licorice SLAs become outdated, because stakeholders always know where tasks are at.

Save Dispatch/SDM time

Both techs and end-users have everything they need to self-schedule, accurately, and on your terms, saving your Dispatcher days hours a day.

Accurate Time Sheets

Save time reconciling time sheets and reminding techs to update jobs in a timely fashion. When using Licorice, techs update jobs without asking.

Quickly reassign

If someone is unexpectedly away, you can reassign their tasks in seconds, and Licorice keeps track for you.

Accurately See Resourcing

Know for certain when you’re under or over-resourced, and see resource crunches before they approach.

50,000 ft view

Understand what your whole team is working on at any time, and see jobs being worked in real-time like never before.

Internal tasks

Clearly differentiate and track your huddles, internal meetings, internal training, and internal technical maintenance.

Full control

Configure everything that’s important including scheduling rules and tech availability, for all clients or specific clients, tech rosters. You’re in charge.

2FA and Security

Enforce 2-factor authentication across your company. Licorice employs third-party security audits and regularly reviews infrastructure security.

For Techs

Licorice is the only service software that’s “tech-first” from the ground up. We wanted software that’s a trusted second brain, and saves us time.

A truly modern UI

Switch to a lightning-fast progressive web app that never loses your work, and reduces tasks to 1 or 2 clicks.

Familiar Interface

Clever design keeps the learning curve to a minimum. Licorice feels natural to use and helps you stay in flow.

Know Everything

Knowing what’s on tomorrow and what you achieved today reduces your stress and helps you grow as a tech.

Auto time tracking

Licorice understands when you are working a job and keeps track for you.

Instant new job

Phone ringing? Someone tapping on your shoulder? Licorice keeps your place so you can capture it as it happens.


Hit send then remembered extra detail? Simply hit ‘Undo’ to edit before sending again (just like Gmail).

Auto-Job Status

Similar to auto-time, Licorice auto-updates job statuses based on what you’re doing, so you don’t have to.

This also means viewing another tech’s jobs, what you see is accurate without having to ask.

Quick follow-ups

ALT+drag to quickly create a reminder or add a follow-up appointment.

Right-click to copy or move a job to another tech They are notified and the job is updated. Everything is handled for you.

<50ms Everything, guaranteed

IT techs are the fastest computer users in the world. Licorice is faster! Both the responsiveness, and workflow.

Tablets and User PCs

Destroy your session on tab close—great for logging on a client’s PC.

Personal To-dos

Track your lunch, vacations and leave, and keep track of your own to-dos, privately, without needing another app.

Outlook sync

With ConnectWise Exchange sync, Licorice appointments instantly appear in Outlook.

For Everyone

See each others’ days

Add other techs’ calendars and quickly work between them. See everyone’s tasks being worked on in real-time like never before.


Define any number of teams flexibly. Only see the information relevant to you and know what’s happening within your team.

Full Drag-and-drop

Drag tasks to other engineers to reassign or escalate, or right-click to copy or move tasks to someone else. Licorice ensures full handover and clear accountability.

Curated notifications

Whether you’re work-from-home or in-office, get just the right amount of information to know what’s happening without being overwhelmed.

Sophisticated sync

Licorice uses the most advanced high-speed sync with your PSA (and soon other software) with full caching so Licorice works at lightning speed all the time.

Modern API

An incredibly fast, self-documenting OpenAPI to use as you wish, enables you to access your cached PSA records without having to worry about sync.

World-class infrastructure

With secure, resilient, and modern infrastructure, Licorice is built from the ground up to process millions of requests per second.

Data sovereignty

Many Licorice partners must meet HIPAA, Government, or other requirements, so we ensure your data stays in your preferred country.

Secure Sessions

Log in to Licorice securely via client PCs — Licorice deletes the session as soon as you close the tab if you tell it to.

Tablet Support

Licorice is fully supported on tablets for ease of use on the go.