Licorice features.

All the features we’ve wanted for the past 25 years (but never had).

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For engineers

Replace ConnectWise

Use a modern UI for all your customer service work.

*More integrations coming soon.

Automatic time tracking

Licorice understands when jobs are ‘live’. Effortlessly account for all time.


Sent a note or time entry too early? Simply hit ‘Undo’ (like Gmail).

Start new jobs fast

Phone ringing? Click ‘+’ to start a new job—no need for notepad.exe.

No ‘refreshing’

Everything’s updated in real-time—don’t wait for page reloads.

Personal time

Roster lunch, vacations, and sick leave on the fly.

Quick follow-ups

ALT+drag to quickly create a reminder for a job, or another appointment.

Calendly-like interface

Clients can book appointments without several back-and-forths.

Secure session

Destroy your session on tab close—great for logging on a client’s PC.

Keep ‘status’ across boards

Licorice tracks job statuses across Service Boards so you don’t have to.

Serious workflow

Minimum clicks + maximum information—do less admin and more engineering.

For MSPs

Competitive advantage

Offer clients and prospects the next wave of IT service—online booking.

100% billable time

Recover >100% billable time. Justify the monthly bill for all-you-can-eat clients.

Save SDM time

Empowers engineers and clients to self-schedule, saving days each week.

Accurate time sheets

Save administrative effort—weekly Time Sheets come to you already accurate.

Quickly reassign

Someone away unexpectedly? Reschedule their day in seconds.

See real workload

Immediately see when you’re under- or over-resourced. No more guessing.

10,000 ft view

See what your team is working on at a high level in real-time.

Internal tasks

Clearly block out internal meetings, training, or technical work.

Retain talent

Fewer lists means less stress, less burnout, and happier employees.

SLA timer handling

SLA timers are stopped and started accurately, automatically.

Configurable scheduling

Control online booking rules, clients, and engineer availability.


Enforce 2-factor authentication across your company.

What would you like to see next?

For teams

See each others’ day

Add other engineers’ calendars and quickly work between them.

Drag-and-drop to assign

Drag jobs to other engineers to reassign or escalate, with full accountability.

Live notifications

Whether WFH or in-office, know what’s happening in the rest of your team.


(Coming soon) Work in teams or pods, see just what’s relevant.


Full asynchronous sync

Lightning-fast integration engine. Works even if your PSA is offline.

Modern API

A fast, agnostic, self-documenting API.

World-class infrastructure

Secure, robust, modern, and performant.

Data isolation

Licorice’s data never leaves your selected country for compliance.


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