Licorice v2.1 Release Notes

Assets and Configuration Items

Licorice now supports adding and viewing Configuration Items (note: this is read-only for the moment). We have called them “Assets” (because having a configuration without an asset doesn’t make much sense, therefore “Assets” are the parent of configurations). Licorice will adopt any and all user-configured Asset fields per your ConnectWise config, so there is nothing to configure, it should “just work”


As part of v2.1 we have continued to implement improvements to observability and monitoring of Licorice’s infrastructure in the US and AU, with special attention to security, and fast detection, diagnosis, and restoration if a problem should arise.

Automated Testing

As part of quality control we implemented 3,900 unit tests, and implemented automated user interface testing (around 10% coverage for now). The test volume will grow over the coming release cycles, and are complimented with regression testing and unstructured (user) testing.

API Extensions

We added multiple API endpoints in preparation for Licorice working standalone (without a PSA) in a coming release. Licorice standalone will enable standalone enable small and startup MSPs to use Licorice to take control of service delivery, and add a PSA later (if you want).

Bug Fixes

Version 2.1 focused on multiple quality-of-life improvements.

  1. Fix an issue where background sync with CW might stop, or not start up correctly
  2. Fix an issue where Work Types entered in Chat were not being sync’d to CW correctly
  3. Fix annoying issue with editing of markup in Chat
  4. Fix an issues in Settings > Engineers page with Invite and Resend buttons not displaying as intended
  5. Changed Search Job tooltip information to come from Licorice’s database (not CW)
  6. Fixed typing an unkown Engineer name on right click > Move Appointment closes the search box
  7. Fixed an issue where Settings > Client Scheduling > For these clients only… allowed entering Users (should only accept Clients)
  8. Fixed clicking a Licorice browser notification took you to a new page, instead of to the existing opened instance of Licorice
  9. Multiple fixes of little annoyances and UI fixups