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Licorice works seamlessly with your existing PSA and data.

Don’t have a PSA? No problem, Licorice is the perfect tool to take control of service delivery.

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Licorice puts you in complete Control

Licorice is an interface that combines intelligent accurate prediction of user intent, cutting-edge behavioral science, and a distributed neural network designed to integrate into all existing software.

Increase Agility

Licorice combines information from many sources into a single pane, showing you exactly the right information at the right time.

Not only does Licorice combine information, it intelligently drives the PSA, saving each tech 30 days per year.

  • See and understand everything instantly
  • Coordinate people and tasks faster than ever
  • Never lose anything. Even if you lose power, Licorice remembers what you were doing
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Reduce tech onboarding times by 90%

Requiring process training for software is a thing of the past. Techs get up and running in a few minutes and get straight to work. This enables you to hire and scale efficiently, knowing service remains consistent.

  • <60-minute orientation for techs and new hires
  • Perfect process adherence for the whole team without trying
  • Techs actually love using it

Reduce admin Tasks by 80%

Tech and Service Managers spend a lot of time in the PSA. Licorice automates PSA service tasks, reducing many clicks into one or two.

  • Minimize time spent coordinating and updating work
  • Maximize time for clients and tech work
  • Eliminates the need to reconcile time entries

Industry Support

Dean Calvert of Calvert Technologies

“Licorice brings a much-needed rethinking of IT support methods, reducing stress for engineers, providing better visibility to customers, and simplifying management — without having to change your existing support software. This is a positive outcome for everyone!”

Dean Calvert, Calvert Technologies

Ryan Spillane of 360 Consulting

“Licorice addresses major service inefficiencies that no one has been able to solve until now. I believe this is because IT companies manage their workloads quite differently from other industries.”

Ryan Spillane, 360 Consulting


Thank you to all the future-looking MSPs who participated in the beta and Pilot programs.

Want direct input to Licorice functionality, too?

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built by MSPs, for MSPs

Licorice is lead by Samantha Glocker, founder of Caramel Australia, an award-winning MSP for 20 years. Licorice has been developed collaboratively with 24 diverse MSPs from around the world.

Photo of Samantha Glocker

“I want to give a voice to the techs and engineers… I think we’ve been grossly underrepresented. It’s literally the Information Age — it’s time for IT workers to be the heroes of our age.”

Samantha Glocker, Founder and CEO

Why Now?

Less Stress

Knowing what’s next and reducing complexity translate to a happier and healthier team.

Lower Overheads

Reduce admin tasks, tech/client churn, process training, and stay out of crisis management.

Increased Revenue

Capture up to 112% of billable time/documentation — effortlessly report value to clients.

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