The end of IT tickets forever.

Pilot program now open.

Are you an IT professional, tired of the endless tickets, and suspect there’s a better way?

Are you an IT provider wanting simpler customer service, happy employees, and to leapfrog competition?

IT tickets being shredded in joy

What is Licorice

Licorice integrates with your existing ITSM software, updating the user interface for techs and engineers and (soon) for your customers.


Licorice automates most of your time-intensive tasks, yet leaves you in control. Next we’re adding AI.


We (IT people) are some of the fastest PC users in the world. We’ve built Licorice’s UI to be faster.


Licorice’s patented workflow is 10 times more efficient than using tickets, based on real-world tests.


We’re integrating with your favorite apps, and building an open API. Gone are the days of ITSM software lock-in.


Licorice ensures you’re in control of your day… and go home knowing what you’ve achieved.


There’s nothing else like Licorice. Join the pilot and help build the future…

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