The end of IT tickets forever.

The next generation service interface for your PSA.

Illustration of IT professionals shredding tickets

What is Licorice?

A powerful new
service interface


Rapid assignment
and scheduling

Zero training

tracks your time


Screenshot of the Licorice software

Licorice is the fastest, most accurate way to deliver IT services, scale, and succeed.

Licorice augments old-fashioned service ticket handling with a lightning-fast new interface — without having to change your PSA/ITSM or retrain your team.

Why MSPs love it

Works the way you think

Get stuff out of your head, switch between multiple jobs instantly, and easily understand what’s next.

Record time entries
with a single click.

Automatically tracks
your time as you work.

Client scheduling

Your clients can schedule requests on your terms, freeing your team to focus on delivery excellence.

Schedule clients with no back-and-forth.

Complete control
over appointment rules.

Faster than the fastest techs

Licorice caches PSA data and sets new standards for UI responsiveness.

Outperforms ticket-based workflows by 400%.

Intuitive interface that
doesn’t need hours of training.

*More PSAs coming soon

Rapid resource allocation

See everyone’s tasks and accurately allocate resources.

Clearly see where you’re

No more tickets
hidden in lists.

Enhance your service

The bottom line.

Retain talent

Happy engineers means higher job satisfaction and less burnout.

Save costs

Patent-pending workflows reduce costs and increase billing efficiency.

Zero-touch appointments

Professional service from go to whoa means higher client retention rates.