The end of IT tickets forever.

The next generation service interface for your PSA.

Illustration of IT professionals shredding tickets

What is Licorice?

A powerful new
service interface


Rapid assignment
and scheduling

Zero training

tracks your time


Screenshot of the Licorice software

Licorice is the fastest, most accurate way to deliver IT services, scale, and succeed.

Licorice augments old-fashioned service ticket handling with a lightning-fast new interface — without having to change your PSA/ITSM or retrain your team.

Why MSP and ITSPs love it

Works the way you do

We don’t really want to spend all day in our PSA do we? Dump stuff out of your head, rapidly switch tasks, and immediately understand what’s next.

70% fewer clicks, with higher
data accuracy and completeness.

Techs actually love using it,
often selling it to managers(!)

Client scheduling

Your clients can schedule work based on your rules, empowering them, and freeing your team to focus on delivery. Turn it on when you’re ready, a client at a time if you like.

Schedule clients with
zero back-and-forth.

Complete control
over appointment rules.

<50ms for everything

Licorice is fast, and stays online if your PSA doesn’t. IT people are the fastest PC users in the world — why shouldn’t we have software as fast as us?

1 hour back a day per person
(that’s ~29 days/year).

Intuitive interface you
already know how to use.

Rapid resource allocation

See everyone’s live calendar live tasks and accurately interact with them.

Clearly see under/

No more tickets
hidden somewhere in a list.

Upgrade your company

The bottom line.

That was just a few of the features… Want to see some more?

Intelligent automation

Licorice understands what you’re doing and intelligently assists, always putting you in full control.

Retain talent

High job satisfaction with less complexity means it’s easier to attract and retain the best people.

Increase profit

Patent-pending workflows save hours per day and significantly increase billed time.