The end of IT tickets forever.

Software has come a long way in the last 30 years.
Why is your PSA still stuck in the ’90s?

Illustration of IT professionals shredding tickets

What is Licorice?

Replace your PSA’s
service module

UI and workflow

client appointments

Works even if your
PSA is offline

time tracking


Screenshot of Licorice

A new type of support software

Licorice™ is the fastest, most accurate way to deliver IT services.

A new interface for your existing PSA, that’s simple and elegantly modern. Licorice replaces old-fashioned tickets with streamlined workflow, communication, and all in one lightning-fast interface—without the need to change ITSM/PSA software.

Why IT providers love it

Moves as fast as you do

Record your thoughts immediately, finally ditch notepad.exe.

Record time entries
with a single click.

Sent an update too early?
Just hit ‘Undo’.

Calendly-like client scheduling

Frees your team to focus on delivery excellence.

Schedule clients without
the back-and-forward.

Complete control
over appointment rules.

Full asynchronous integration

 A drop-in, lightning-fast replacement UI for ConnectWise*.

Outperforms ticket-based
workflows by many times.

Familiar UI for both your
team and your clients.

*More PSAs coming soon

Transparent operations

Everyone knows what’s next at a glance.

See where you’re
under- or over-resourced.

No surprises lurking
somewhere in lists.

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The bottom line.

Retain talent

Happy engineers means higher job satisfaction and less burnout.

Save costs

Patent-pending workflows reduce costs and increase billing efficiency.

Zero-touch appointments

Professional service from go to whoa means higher client retention rates.