Third Licorice release and 90+ days solid uptime

We are pleased to announce 90 days of solid uptime since the launch of our production environment, plus a big update designed to ease integration with ConnectWise.

Announcing Licorice 1.1.3 build 70df48bf

Hold on to your seats. Version 1.1.3 has been deployed to our AU and US hosting environments! In this release we have implemented significant improvements in our ConnectWise integration. Since the release of 1.1.0, some beta partners were unable to integrate their ConnectWise instance to Licorice.

This data gathered from the failed integrations was immensely helpful, and we have performed a major overhaul of the integration process and the mapping stages to remove the cause of the issues.

Licorice runs independently of ConnectWise (and soon other integrations) and the Licorice UI is incredibly fast, often performing several tasks in ConnectWise from a single click in Licorice—so we were expecting some teething issues. Thank you so much to all the beta partners who so kindly helped us test and gather the needed data.

Other updates

While we were working on the integration engine, we were able to fix and implement a number of other items based on partner feedback.

Issues fixed:

  • Work Log and Client Chat messages with line breaks were not being uploaded as a Note to the corresponding CW ticket
  • Client Chat messages that have a 0:00 time weren’t being emailed through to Users (when the Send-email option was enabled in Settings)
  • Some Integration mapping options resulted in errors when selected (500 server errors)
  • Changes to the CW Status lists in Setup Tables were not updated on the Integration screen after clicking ‘Refresh’
  • Changing the Billing Location on the integration screen didn’t update the available Billing Department & Work Role dropdowns
  • Delays in responsiveness and feedback to the Admin when clicking ‘Connect’ and ‘Start’ on the Integration screen
  • Integration failed when attempting to import tickets with corrupt CW Notes (null content)
  • Project Boards were shown on the list of available Service Boards for new tickets
  • Assignment notifications were unable to be accepted/rejected (500 server error)
  • Some Contacts incorrectly appeared in the Licorice Engineer list
  • Some Contact name updates were updating Engineer names as well
  • Unscheduled List ticket titles became unreadable with very long Company names
  • Unscheduled List were not displaying for Engineers with a very large numbers of open tickets (>250)
  • The keyboard was not activated for 2FA code entry in Chrome on an Android Tablet
  • ‘Welcome to Licorice’ email had unnecessary characters in the URL

Additional improvements:

  • Unscheduled List reworked to no longer rely on the ConnectWise ExternalXRef (which results in conflicts with other CW integrations because many of them use this field and overwrite each other)
  • Show a warning when User(s) without an email address are added to a Job card, that these User(s) will not receive email updates to the Job until their email address is added
  • Show an error when an integration is attempted with a CW API key pair with incorrect API privileges
  • The current timer for Jobs is now displayed on the Pegboard card as well as in the Time Entry field
  • For convenience, all Status mapping options are now displayed in alphabetical order on the Integration page

Coming Next

Now that this is done we are testing the new integration is working, and working with beta partners to decide the next functionality to add. To be part of this discussion you can request a demo, and join the Discord.