Licorice Pilot servers online and in QA

As of last night (Australia time) the new Pilot servers are up running and going through intensive testing.

There’s been a lot of old code and modules removed in preparation for implementing new functionality and feedback. We decided to do this before ‘go live’ because it becomes increasingly difficult and risky to do once people are relying on Licorice day in and day out.

As software is built and code grows there is always big chunks of rework in the codebase. It’s very common to just leave this there and work around it, however there are a lot of reasons to clean it out… It makes new functionality much simpler to implement more quickly, reduces weird bugs therefore speeding up releases, it minimises performance issues, and makes security simpler to manage and monitor. And not to mention is just a lot easier on the brains of our team.

Often this code consolidation is skipped in favour of getting to market as soon as possible, but there is a much bigger cost that must be paid down the line. We call this “tech debt”. One of the reasons ‘mature’ software products rarely change and features are slow to release, is because the code is just so complex it’s dangerous to change things too much. When you see software you’ve used for a long time and think “why don’t they just fix this?” That’s why… We don’t want this at Licorice.

Thank you everyone for your patience. I know many of you are eager to start using Licorice. I want you to know we are in this long haul and are trying to make the right decisions in everyone’s best interests. As soon as our team have finished testing you will be the first to know.

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If you’d like to join the Pilot and use Licorice for customer service (instead of ConnectWise) please book a time with Dale and me here.