Licorice Pilot out of QA

It’s finally here! We’re so proud and excited to announce the arrival of little Licorice Pilot (version 1.1).

If you’ve been keeping tabs, you’ll be aware Licorice runs completely independently of ConnectWise—it’s not a normal integration, it’s complete standalone software that integrates with PSAs (and soon, other software too 😉).

The reason for this is so Licorice can run at full speed, even if your underlying PSA is slow. This also means if your PSA goes offline or has a serious problem, Licorice keeps working for you.

For this reason, we’ve spent a lot of time ensuring the two-way sync between Licorice is rock solid and can handle unexpected behaviours from PSA APIs.

It’s critical to us that Licorice can be a trusted place to “dump and run” without having to worry about whether what you wrote is saved or not. IT life is busy, and you need to be able to switch contexts fluidly.

You can even close the tab (or crash, run out of power, lose internet connection) and whatever you were doing will still be there, safely saved in Licorice.

In the background, we’ve been working on our CI/CD pipeline, to ensure we can roll out hotfixes and feature updates quickly and effectively without interrupting you, and working on our testing systems to ensure consistent and quality releases. These things are invisible, but they’re important.

At the end of the day, we’re nerds, and it’s our goal to build a product you will love, can depend on, and the product we always wanted (but never found).

(P.S. In case you’re wondering, version 1.0 was the Licorice Pilot, and yes, we’ve dropped the third “.0” from our release number and are further aligning our versioning to SemVer. We still track patches and even builds on our internal versioning but we want to keep things simple and understandable.)

Before we announce the Piliot to the world at large, we’re contacting everyone first who signed up for the Pilot. If you’d like to be the first to try Licorice, it’s not too late to apply (but don’t wait).

We’re looking forward to working with you and taking your feedback and suggestions. Here’s to the end of endless tickets and the beginning of your sanity.