How to integrate Licorice with ConnectWise

Integrating your Licorice instance into ConnectWise is simple and fast. In this post you will see the steps required to get your Pilot instance up and running in under 5 mins.

Our Licorice ConnectWise integration requires a ConnectWise API key. The following instructions will help you create an API user and key for use in setting up the Connectwise Manage integration to Licorice.

Creating a ConnectWise API key

  1. Login to your ConnectWise account.
  2. Under System click on Members.
  3. Select API Members.
  1. Click the ‘+’ to add a new API Member.
  2. Complete the form and ensure that the Role ID is set to Admin to ensure proper ticket generation by Licorice.
  3. Once you have completed all of the required fields, click Save.
  4. Once saved, go back into the user and click on API Keys.
  1. Click the ‘+‘ to add a new API Key.
  2. Enter ‘Licorice Integration’ in the Description for the API Key then click Save.
  1. After saving, a Public Key and Private Key will be displayed. Record this to copy/paste into your Licorice instance.