The Licorice Pilot program is now open

The Licorice MVP is finally finished! We are extremely excited to now be able to accept Pilot clients.

If you’re looking for what’s next in IT, are an innovator, or are sick of managing thousands of tickets—request access.

Licorice overview

Licorice is the result of 18 years of R&D into finding a better model for IT support. I’ve heard so many IT professionals in my career say “there’s got to be a better way than tickets”—and what we’re trying to do is to achieve it. Not just an iterative improvement, a disruptive one – one that we believe will change the entire industry. IT work is hard, never-ending, and not always understood or valued by end-users or clients. Our vision is fixing this, so that “everyone loves IT workers, globally”.

We could write whole whitepapers on how we’ll achieve this (we have—we’ll talk more about what we found soon), but in short, it’s by giving you a method to have known manageable work-days, and by significantly reducing the administrative and logistical part of your work (while still leaving you 100% in control).

Input, Stephanie!

To achieve this, we need feedback to be able to maximize Licorice’s usefulness. We have so much planned, however we can’t develop it in a theoretical bubble. We’re looking for leading IT professionals, IT service providers, and IT departments to work with closely, for real-world feedback.

If you were early to adopt BrightGauge, Slack, or IT Glue, etc. then Licorice will probably be of great interest to you.

We’ve seen Licorice’s model improve standard service delivery metrics by 10 times (1,000%) above the 30-year old ticket model—operating in a real IT service provider, running only as a paper process. We’re confident we can realize the same with the Licorice software, and the Pilot is the next step in getting there.

About the Pilot

What we’re aiming to do with the Pilot is to give a bug-free experience. We know that’s not 100% achievable, however we’ve worked very hard to ensure the Pilot release is as close as possible. Licorice has passed extensive testing, including performance, load, and security testing.

Licorice integrates with ConnectWise, and entirely replaces your ticketing UI. Our goal is you’ll be able to use Licorice 100% for service delivery. ConnectWise will then be just for projects, and all the other things you use it for (invoicing, opportunities, purchasing, etc.)

We will be integrating with other ITSM / PSA platforms. If you’re interested in other platforms, please let us know. We will also be publishing our API, so you can make your own integrations.

Next steps

If you’d like to be involved or become a Pilot client, please let us know by requesting Pilot access.

Thank you for your ongoing belief and support. We’re with you.

Samantha Glocker