Licorice v2.0 Release Notes

Licorice Control is intelligent software that drives your PSA and soon all your other apps β€” it's like giving everyone in your team a personal assistant.

We’re excited to announce the release of Licorice version 2.0, with many quality of life updates requested by partners.

Client Scheduling

First and foremost Client Scheduling is up and running. This is a great way to get jobs automatically assigned to techs – on your terms – without having to triage or dispatch them.

Feature highlights:

  • You can select which of your clients can schedule their own work
  • You can choose which techs are available for Client Scheduling
  • End-users can indicate job priority when they schedule a job
  • If an end-user indicates a “Critical” priority, Licorice will instruct them to call you with your phone number
  • Licorice sends an appointment to the end-user to confirm their appointment
  • You can brand


Licorice can now send browser notifications, so if you’re logged in on your phone, you’ll receive alerts for any major changes to your jobs.

We’re very careful to not overload people with notifications (because too many alerts is as bad as too few) so Licorice only informs you of things you care about.

Priorities in Unscheduled

The Unscheduled List now shows the priority of ConnectWise tickets (with blue for “normal” priority, orange for “medium”, and “red” for critical).

Priority colors are always visible in all parts of the UI, so you don’t need to read anything to understand priorities.

Mapping of ticket/job priority also now syncs between Licorice and ConnectWise.

Licorice partners, in Settings > Integrations > ConnectWise > click Refresh, double-check the priorities are correct, click Save and you’re done!


You can now hover over unscheduled tickets to quickly see ticket details and the most recent chat. This lets you quickly identify tickets without having to open them. This was heavily requested by partners.

Clearer Card Titles

Job Cards now display the client and job title at the top of the card. Both for the sake of organization and to enable future functionality in coming releases.

Like everything in Licorice, changes to the title/client are updated live.

account Statuses and notes

Account notes and company statuses from ConnectWise will automatically display on job cards.

Licorice respects ConnectWise’s configuration so you cannot update cards for clients whose ConnectWise status prevents updates (displayed in red).

Add client via End-user Name

Situation: An end user calls saying “it’s John here”. You want your clients to feel loved and recognised, but you can’t quite place the voice.

Solution: Type “john” into Licorice, and you now see all clients with a “John”. Select one, and you’ll add both the company and user to the job in a single click, and John feels both remembered and loved.

Other Techs’ Pegboards

Situation: You need to assign a job to someone, but you’re not sure who’s busy. You can already view other techs’ live calendars, but you’re not sure who’s busy right now.

Solution: When you open someone’s calendar, you will now also see what jobs that tech is working on live. In the screenshot we can see Leia has a Cannot print job in progress, and a slow WiFi job paused.

You can also see priorities of their jobs and quickly decide who has free capacity without having to ask everyone β€” even when techs are remote. 

Copy appointments to other Techs

Previously you could right-click an appointment to move it to another tech. You can now also right-click to β€œcopy” the appointment to any other tech.

Moving or copying, Licorice now adds the other tech to the job automatically, saving clicks.

Job statuses

Techs can now see and override the status of a job directly. Soon, Licorice will intelligently update job statuses based on what you’re doing, so you don’t have to.

Personal profiles

Under Settings > Profile you can now add detail including a photo or gravatar and phone number.

You can also control your work-hours, and the default duration of jobs you create on your FAST calendar.

Admin Updates

In Settings > Engineers, it’s now clearly indicated which engineers are currently active, and who you’ve invited to Licorice. You can now also resend an invitation if needed.

You can now also edit a tech’s profile, including easily configuring their rostered hours. You can also override their avatar or any other details as needed.

Prepared for the future

In summary, much of this functionality was added based on user feedback from Licorice partners. Thank you to everyone for your continued input.

Additional behind the scenes work was done to prepare Licorice for the next round of functionality, where we will continue to simplify your service delivery and save you real time.

If you’d like to try Licorice, please book a time with us to ask any questions or to get started.


Samantha Glocker