Julian LeFay (Jensen) appointed as Licorice CTO

I would like to warmly welcome Julian Jensen (also known as Julian LeFay) to the Licorice team. Julian is joining us as Licorice’s CTO, and I’m thrilled for him to be doing so.

There aren’t many people I meet who are as skilled, fastidious, or passionate about good code and high coding standards as Julian. And I can honestly say Julian embodies what we believe about software design and development and the scientific and engineering process. He is a gentle yet expert guide and is a wonderful person, and for all these reasons fits Licorice’s values and anti-values well. Julian has been working on Licorice for a while now in his spare time.

Photo of Julian Jensen
Julian Jensen (LeFay)

About Julian

Known as “Father of The Elder Scrolls” for his incredible software development on The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall, he also directed the original The Terminator games and is a highly respected contributor to the software development community. Specifically for Licorice, Julian has significant experience building highly robust, secure, and scalable serversโ€”the kind you need to run a global company, and maybe, changing the industry for the better (of course, I’m talking about IT support ๐Ÿ˜Š)*. Julian has a well-established reputation and deserves it.

In His Own Words:

“I seek fulfillment in my craft and not the success of the end product. Luckily, me succeeding at my craft generally transfers directly to the quality of the product, so it all works out in the end. Of course, having a successful product is of great benefit to me, so I do have a vested interest in that coming to pass, and Licorice is a worthy goal.

I will do everything I can, it’s a combined effort and largely beyond my control. All I can do is ensure that what is under my control pushes toward that goal and hope that everybody else will do an equal part, which I have no doubt about in our case. Licorice will be the fastest, best, most robust app of its kind, and I will devote all of my industry and all of my faculties to the pursuit of that goal.”

His Role

As Chief Technology Officer, Julian will be responsible for the Licorice servers and infrastructure and technical direction for licorice.io.

What excites me most is to have a mind like Julian’s, with such experience in complex systems, on our team. This is one more strong step towards our goal of succeeding at putting an end to never-ending IT tickets.

This brings our little team to four people. Welcome Julian, may we serve you well.

Samantha Glocker

*Yes, I used a smiley in a press-release. It’s 2021โ€”deal with it.