Licorice Roadmap

We have a comprehensive list of features for Licorice we want to implement, from 18 years of experiments in IT service delivery, and the features we’ve wanted to see for years.

As we prepare to launch Licorice to the global market, the next features on the Licorice Roadmap will depend heavily on the feedback of our Pilot Clients—what’s most needed, right now?

If you’d like to be involved in the limited Pilot Program, please let us know here.

Illustration of tasks being done


The following features are under consideration for the next releases of Licorice (and the first public release). We’re also very keen to hear what you’d like to see.

Please note: Some features will not be made public until they are released.


All base functionality.

Two-way ConnectWise integration.

Work on multiple Jobs fluidly and simultaneously.

Full, fast drag and drop interface.

Automatic time tracking for Jobs.

Live view of other Engineer’s workloads.

Drag Appointments reassign them to other Engineers.

Live Notifications of major actions on other Jobs, for spatial awareness.

“To-do” items for Jobs.

Completely replaces ConnectWise’s UI for Engineers (80% complete).

Instantly create multiple Appointments for the same Job.

Automatically forget all browser info, for using Licorice on Client computers.

Extremely fast UX—not tied to the integrated ITSM software’s speed.

You know clearly what’s coming up tomorrow, and what you’ve accomplished today.


Client interface
Users can schedule specific appointments based on aggregate Engineer availability, accurately, with zero touch from you.

Block out “Busy” time
For leave, lunch, meetings, etc.

Private Teams
Engineers can save and switch between their own Private Teams views.

After-hours Appointments
Ability to schedule and view after-hours appointments.

Ability to mark time entries as billable or non-billable.

After-hours billing
Intelligent, automated billing of work performed after-hours.

Data sovereignty
Ability to isolate your Licorice hosting to a specific country.

Automated reminders to Users of upcoming appointments.

Appointment management
Users can manage and change their own upcoming Appointments, accurately, with zero touch from you.

Everybody knows
Clients, Users, Engineers, and stakeholders know where all work is at, automatically, without any management from you.


Intelligent grouping and assignment of alerts from RMM and monitoring systems.

Works without integration to any ITSM software.

Automatic calculation and scheduling for on-site travel (when required).

Global Teams
Teams are published and configurable at the organization level.

Clients, Engineers, and stakeholders can follow specific Jobs and be kept automatically updated, or mute them to not be notified.

Engineers can add ITSM parts or stock to Jobs, for invoicing.

Track Jobs against specific RMM Devices.

Full mobile support
Take Licorice with you, quickly update it during field work.

And also…
Several more features we’re keeping quite for the moment, because they’ve never been done before.


We plan to integrate with the following software—integrations are considered based on demand and complexity of integration. If you’d like to see something that’s not listed, please let us know.



To do…




Cisco phone systems





And a well-designed, documented and open API, so you can create your own integrations.