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Do you have something you really want to see in next-gen IT software? Have a question, or want more information? Want to work with us or integrate with Licorice? Please get in touch.

Please keep in mind we’re experienced operators; however, we’re still setting things up—we have no support team, so if it takes a little while to respond, it’s not just you. It’s just us doing the best we can while we build the team :).

    How we use different contact methods

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    General questions, suggestions/wanted features, if you’re a software company wanting to integrate or discuss partnership or investment opportunities, we welcome the contact. We need to work together to change the industry for the better.

    Important milestones (such as big company news, release information, and soon, findings from our research). There’s no fancy marketing team. It’s just us devs and engineers keeping our devoted supporters up to date. Please subscribe in the footer.

    Important milestones. Soon we will release the results of our research, deconstruct IT service delivery, and discuss how and why Licorice works the way it does. You can subscribe to blog updates in the footer.

    Client support

    At the moment, these details are only shared with Pilot clients. Once we’re ready to release, you’ll be able to get support through our Licorice instance ;).

    We’re discussing using this for network status alerts, and LinkedIn updates are mirrored here.

    Updates, and sometimes hiring.