About us.

We’re a team of IT engineers, developers, and experienced MSP owners,
on a mission to change the IT industry forever.

Start with the ‘Why?’

Everyone loves IT professionals, globally

It’s literally the Information Age, yet IT professionals are not universally loved. It’s time to change this.

Then work out ‘How?’

Replace the UI for existing IT support software

IT support software hasn’t really changed in 25 years, and it’s so hard to switch PSAs—
so instead, we integrate with existing PSAs with a new customer service interface.

How do we behave?

The secret to a successful company lies in predictable behavior.
Predictable for employees, clients, and suppliers—everyone, in every situation.


The best science comes from great questions. Make hypotheses and test them. Ideas and opinions are great, but good data win.


Be open and honest with both yourself and others. Find a way to say what you need to say. Have conviction, yet be prepared to be wrong.


Bet on yourself and the abilities of others. Just because nobody’s done it, doesn’t mean it can’t be done. Find a way, and everyone can benefit.

Anti-values: Divisiveness, arrogance, prestige, complacency.

In partnership with

We are so grateful to have support of and involvement from the University of South Australia and its ICC.

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Meet the Team

Photo of Samantha Glocker

Samantha Glocker


Samantha is an experienced and awarded CEO specializing in complex systems, software design and development, IT, engineering, and corporate governance. She is an accomplished business builder and envisions a world where IT professionals are appreciated everywhere.

Photo of Marshall Cowan

Marshall Cowan


Marshall led the customer support, infrastructure, and QA teams behind Blackboard and Moodle as they grew from 5 to 55 people. He has extensive experience in business systems, software development, testing, support, and leadership.

Photo of Julian Jensen

Julian LeFay (Jensen)


Known as “Father of The Elder Scrolls,” Julian brings an unshakable passion for excellence in coding standards and is a globally recognized developer of complex, large-scale SaaS systems. Julian leads the software architecture and development for Licorice.

Photo of Ian Macdonald

Ian Macdonald

Lead Front End Developer

Ian is an accomplished full-stack developer of React and many other languages, having developed many complete SaaS and software apps. With a particular focus on user experience and user interface development, Ian works on the Licorice front-end.

Board and Advisers

Photo of Bob Penland

Bob Penland

TruMethods, CTO
ServicePulse, co-founder

The creator of myITprocess, used by IT companies all over the world, and co-inventor of ServicePulse—AI and machine learning analysis software for IT companies.

Photo of Victoria Kluth

Victoria Kluth

Araza, CEO

In five years, Victoria has grown national IT company Araza from 5 to 480 people whilst maintaining a 50% female workforce. Araza competes against IBM, Accenture, and Infosys.

Photo of Richard Turner

Prof. Richard Turner

ZEN Energy, Founder

Professor of Entrepreneurship at the University of South Australia, Richard pioneered solar battery home energy in Australia. He is experienced at both startup and long-term success.

Photo of Graeme Still

Graeme Still

Stillica, Principal, CPA

Graeme was Senior Manager, Entrepreneurial Services at international accounting firm Ernst & Young and is an experienced consultant and Board adviser to private and public companies.

Photo of Derek McIlroy

Derek McIlroy

D&K McIlroy Nominees, Director

McIlroy Auto Group (Principal, successful exit).
Executive Officer, Business Victor Harbor.
Derek is a leader in business operations and marketing and a qualified Chartered Accountant.

Photo of Nick Lienert

Nick Lienert


Business owner and investor.
Former CEO Lienert Australia (successful exit).
Experienced company Director.
Entrepreneurs’ Organization.