Frequently asked questions

What does it look like? Screenshots?

We can’t wait to show you—Licorice is a truly unique interface that’s been completely re-thought, so we’re being a bit quiet about it until it’s ready. To see and use it, join the Pilot :).

How does Licorice replace my ITSM/PSA software?

Licorice is a complete user interface for providing IT support to your clients. Licorice integrates with existing ITSM/PSA software (currently only ConnectWise), so you and other IT engineers can just use Licorice instead of ConnectWise for providing client support. We give you a new user interface which is faster, more agile, and more accurate than anything you’ve ever seen.

Does Licorice do everything ITSM software does?

No. Licorice is focused very specifically on the biggest pain point of all existing and even new IT support software—the user interface. We just do customer support. We do not do projects, inventory, purchasing, invoicing, or any other function of ITSM software.

Why do we need more ITSM software?

After after years of experimenting with different service delivery models in an IT support company/MSP, and an exhaustive search of all existing and new IT support software, there was nothing even remotely like the ideas we had for Licorice. So here we are…

Who is Licorice for?

If you’re an IT provider or department, MSP, or similar, and:

  1. Have been trying schedule appointments for tickets in your existing ITSM/PSA software;
  2. Want to offer clients the ability to self-schedule appointments online, safely, with zero-touch from you;
  3. Were you early to adopt tools like MSPAssist, BrightGauge, or UserCentric etc.;
  4. Have ever thought to yourself “there’s got to be a better way than tickets.”

Then we are right here with you!

When will Licorice be released?

We’re working closely with Pilot clients to ensure we’ve got the new workflow 100% right. Once the Pilot rounds are complete, Licorice will be released as a private beta. We’re staging things like this because it’s really important to us that every part of Licorice (both the company and the software) is robust and ready to scale. This first release of Licorice will be ready mid this year (2021). If you want to request access now, you can do so here.

How can I provide feedback?

Right now, there are two ways to provide feedback about what you want to see in Licorice—you may either contact us directly or become a Pilot client. We’re listening!

How much will Licorice cost?

Licorice is completely free to use up to 3 users. For 4 or more people, it’s US$30/mo per person for all people (paid annually), or $40/mo paid monthly. This price is subject to change.

What are Licorice’s system requirements?

Licorice runs in a browser. We support up-to-date Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge Chromium. The minimum supported screen resolution is 1920×1080.

Does Licorice work on mobile devices?

Full mobile support will be implemented in a future release. We know this is a “mobile-first” world. However, IT professionals spend a lot of time on computers and tablets/2-in-1 laptops, so we need to get the workflows right there first, and then we’ll focus on getting mobile right.

Licorice should also work on Chromebooks and thin clients (as long as their browsers are reasonably modern).

Does Licorice work on tablets?

Tablets will be fully supported in future versions. For the moment, however, Licorice is not tested on tablets, however as long as they have a minimum resolution of 1920×1080 and a reasonably modern browser, then Licorice should work.

Can Licorice be self-hosted?

Licorice has a focus on in-browser performance and regional isolation—meaning Licorice can be hosted in the country or region you select, and your data will never leave that country/region. However Licorice can be hosted at your facility if need be. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

What’s wrong with ‘tickets’?

They’re not ‘bad’ per se. However, IT support services have two main types of work:

  1. Emergent tasks that need to happen immediately; and
  2. Planned tasks that need to happen in the future.

For the second type of task, tickets are not an appropriate tool, and no other service industry uses tickets for planned work. Please follow our blog as we’ll discuss this topic as time goes on.

Why ‘Licorice’?

‘Licorice’ is the name of the cloud-based IT support software we created in 2006 that changed our lives, as we experimented with various service delivery models. Since then it’s had various incarnations until we’ve felt it delivers significant value for the industry. It’s kept its name due to our love of the private support software we’ve quietly built over the years.